New Md. MVA Bulletins Address Trade-In Title Issues, Temp Tags, and More

The Maryland MVA issued two dealer Bulletins in the past week addressing some important registration and titling concerns, with the ultimate end result of making various tag and title processes easier for dealers.

A Dealer Bulletin issued on August 12 covered several important matters, most importantly a clarification that dealerships can now use an Affidavit in Lieu of Title form (VR-499A), in circumstances in which a new titling record has been completed and a duplicate title from the prior owner is required to complete a trade-in transaction.

Dealers processing a trade-in vehicle can also get it titled by processing a duplicate title using the VIN or title number of the traded vehicle.

The state also noted that, as of August 17, Maryland Correctional Enterprises is once again accepting orders for temporary tag paper. For the past few months, tag paper requests had to be ordered directly from the MVA. Dealers can still use the same temporary tag order form, linked here, and submit it to the fax and/or email address listed at the top of the page.

In the same Bulletin, the MVA also clarified a question about discrepancies between odometer mileage statements and the total that is reflected in the state’s computer system. The MVA clarified that dealers processing a title transaction should use the mileage displayed in the MVA system, and not the statement, whenever there is a discrepancy.

On August 10, the MVA issued a Bulletin addressing the guidelines for electronically processing salvage vehicles. The Bulletin provides thorough definitions for different types of salvage vehicles, including what types of vehicles meet the definition of “Rebuilt” or “Abandoned” vehicles. The Bulletin also addresses how the state’s Customer Connect system determines which salvage vehicles are and are not eligible for titling.

Please feel free to contact Joe Koch, WANADA’s Vice President of Operations, at if you have any questions about these Bulletins.

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