New book at 2015 Auto Show, The New Mobility

New book at 2015 Auto Show, The New Mobility

Automated automobiles, Wi-Fi from the passenger seat and driving technology that anticipates and averts accidents. The future is here: How will you drive it?

Award-winning automotive writer and syndicated Washington Post columnist Warren Brown explores the greater roles and responsibilities of the car in the connected age. In the 2015 Washington Auto Show book, The New Mobility, Brown takes readers for a spin around the whiz-bang technologies on display at the Auto Show.

–The car is a communications device that has come of age,” says Brown, whose book will be available to show-goers. –Breakthrough technology in telecommunications and safety has connected the car and driver with the outside world in ways we could hardly foresee.”

Such advances include the development of the car as a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot, ensuring that connectivity is as close to a driver as the buttons on the dashboard. At the same time, these innovations make for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience as sensors can warn drivers of what to avoid on their journey from construction and traffic obstacles to wrong turns and collisions. Cars now have the wherewithal via stereoscopic cameras, radar and sonar systems, and computers to –see” all of those things before they present a problem and to autonomously take, or prompt their drivers to take, evasive action.

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