Nearly half of global fleet will be connected by 2020 IHS

Nearly half of global fleet will be connected by 2020 IHS

A robust 55 percent of new vehicles sold globally by 2020 will be connected, as will nearly half of the fleet in operation, according to a new IHS Automotive survey. –Connected” refers to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), smartphone integration, telematics, infotainment, remote vehicle controls, Wi-Fi and autonomy.

Nearly one-third of survey respondents said they would ride in a self-driving vehicle and buy one. Another 25 percent said they would ride in one but not buy one. The numbers are even higher for millennials: More than half would buy a self-driving car and 75 percent would ride in one.

U.S. consumers are the most willing to pay extra for ADAS features between $427 and $505 when they buy the car. Consumers from other countries (China, Germany and the UK) expect advanced safety systems to be included at no charge.

As for other functions, a whopping 89 percent U.S. millennials said they would pay for software updates to their carês infotainment system. When using smartphones in their vehicles, the most commonly used apps globally were for navigation, weather, music and news.

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