Nearly 70% drive while drowsy, others ignore check engine

Nearly 70% drive while drowsy, others ignore •check engineê

Everyone engages in unwise driving behavior occasionally, but a recent survey shows the alarming extent of it. Nearly 70 percent of the 2,000 drivers surveyed admitted to driving when they were too sleepy to do so.

Other times that people who drove said they should not have: They were sick enough to be in bed but got up to drive (35 percent) or they were less drunk than a friend (23 percent).

At other times it is the car, not the driver that should not be on the road. People who should not have driven did so despite the following: –check engine” light was on (61 percent), could not see through snow or ice on the windshield (32 percent), or windshield wipers not working (26 percent).

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