NADA-commissioned study shows how much tariffs hurt

NADA continues to fight proposals to impose or raise tariffs on imported autos and auto parts, an issue widely discussed at the NADA Show. The issue is of particular concern for Washington area dealers, whose customers buy import products at a higher rate than consumers in the rest of the country.


When NADA President and CEO Peter Welch testified before the Commerce Department last year, he said a typical vehicle sold in the United States would see a $4,400 price increase. Vehicles assembled domestically would see a $2,270 price hike, because of an increase in the cost of imported vehicle parts. And the consumer price of a typical imported vehicle would rise by $6,875. The study was done by the Center for Automotive Research and commissioned by NADA.


The tariff battle is not over, and NADA remains committed looking out for its dealer members.

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