NADA applauds recall study by Auto Manufacturers Alliance

NADA applauds recall study by Auto Manufacturers Alliance

NADA has endorsed a research initiative by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to poll drivers about the reasons for low completion rates for vehicle recalls.

“We know that vehicle age seems to be an important factor, but little research has been conducted on consumer attitudes to recalls,” said Mitch Bainwol, president and CEO of the Alliance, in a statement.

The average completion rate for passenger vehicle recalls is 75 percent, but it varies by age. For newer vehicles, the completion rate averages 83 percent, but for vehicles five to 10 years old, its 44 percent. The rate is just 15 percent for vehicles more than 10 years old. Thats concerning because the average age of vehicles on the road is 11.4 years.

The Alliance has asked a polling firm to talk to consumers who have repaired their recalled vehicles as well as people who own vehicles still under recall.

In response, NADA President Peter Welch issued a statement saying, in part, “NADA is a strong supporter of data driven efforts to improve recall completion rates. The Alliances new initiative should provide important insights and we hope policymakers closely examine the results in order to make fully informed decisions about such an important policy matter.”

Results of the polling are expected by summer.

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