Maryland tax credit for plug-in EVs has ended

Maryland tax credit for plug-in EVs has ended

The allotted Maryland state funds for the excise tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles for fiscal year 2017 are depleted. The program has ended and will be revived only if the General Assembly passes a new law to extend the program in its 2017 session.

As a result, the state Motor Vehicle Administration will not accept or process any excise tax credits for plug-in electrics. It is important that dealers take care that sales reps understand this to ensure customers are aware of this information before purchasing a related vehicle.

Those with questions may call MVAês Refund Department at 410-768-7346.

The end of the state tax credit could affect the sales of electric vehicles in Maryland. With fuel prices at record lows, EVs could be a harder sell without the financial incentive.

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