Maryland MVA revises Bulletin of May 27 with its May 28 version

Maryland MVA revises Bulletin of May 27 with its May 28 version

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration published its summary of actions taken by the 2015 General Assembly of importance to dealers. The MVA Bulletin to dealers on May 28 replaced the original they published on May 27, meaning the first Bulletin should be disregarded.

Of the seven bills passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor, one takes effect June 1: To wit, HB 203 which establishes a permanent title fee for rental vehicles resulting in a fee decrease from $100 to $50.

The other measures take effect October 1:

– HB 201, providing for special registration plates and parking placards for certain disabled persons

– HB 235, the Tesla bill, allowing the high-end electric car maker to retail its vehicles without dealers in four locations around the state.

– HB 313, The bill that institutionalizes the dealer practice of –spot deliveries” in financed vehicle sales pursuant to certain disclosures and other obligations to which the dealer must adhere with respect to arranging a loan for the consumer from a bank.

– HB 524, providing for a single registration plate for historic vehicles 50 plus years old.

– HB 1229, authorizing MVA to deny or revoke registration on a commercial motor vehicle for federal safety violations.

– HB 630, amends the definition of a –mechanical repair contract” with annual registration required with the insurance commissioner.

Mentioned in the cover memo to the May 28 MVA Bulletin is the link to the statewide travel advisory service known as 511 Traveler Information, accessed at

To see the complete MVA Bulletin of May 28, 2015 click here.

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