Maryland MVA offers advice on title transactions

Maryland MVA offers advice on title transactions

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration branches have had to reject many applications for dealer and title service work. The MVA asks dealers to review their transactions before submitting them.

To avoid the most common errors, MVA says to check that:

« Forms are completed in their entirety

« All required signatures are in place

« Full name is provided

« Inspection certificate is submitted

« Powers of attorney are present

« Sale price and dale of sale are included

« Full name of the insurance company is provided

« Copies of customerês license and business license are attached

When a transaction is presented for processing and it is flagged, the transaction will be processed as a title only instead of being rejected. This policy will apply to all flags except the following: Central Lien, Court Order, Directorês Office, Investigation, Reported Deceased DHMH, Stolen and Title File.

To use the interactive title and registration manual on the MVA website, click here. If paperwork is continuously submitted improperly, employees of the dealership or tag & title service may be required to attend a mandatory three-hour training program at the Glen Burnie office before the dealerês business license is renewed.

For questions, email the MVA at

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