Maryland MVA Issues Notice Regarding Changing of Title Application Requirements

Following last year’s enactment of Senate Bill 84, which was requested by Governor Larry Hogan (R) and passed without any dissent in the General Assembly, title certificate applications can now be filed electronically. The Maryland MVA issued a Bulletin about the law last week, noting that the change means that every pertinent dealer form, save the Federal Odometer Statement, can now be submitted electronically.

The state’s bulletin included a list of best practices for dealers related to e-filed title applications:

  • Customers’ e-signature must be witnessed by the person executing the sale.
  • If an owner of a vehicle is under 18, a parent, spouse, employer, or other responsible adult must sign as co-signer. Co-signer is only certifying the accuracy of the information, they will not be shown on the title.
  • Printed Signatures are only acceptable with proof that the applicant cannot sign their name.
  • Company and Corporate signatures need to have the capacity of the individual stated after the signature.
  • Be sure to keep copies of customer identification with the transaction paperwork at your business location and send a copy with the MVA transaction paperwork.

The state recommends dealers contact if they have any questions.

Download Bulletin PDF