Maryland is 1 of 3 states to sue VW over emissions cheating

Maryland is 1 of 3 states to sue VW over emissions cheating

Maryland, along with New York and Massachusetts, has sued Volkswagen for billions of dollars in penalties for knowingly installing defeat devices to allow noncompliant cars to pass emissions tests. The lawsuit seeks $25,000 in civil penalties per violation per day.

–Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche installed defeat devices in their cars to trick regulators to deceive the public; they did so knowing that their conduct was illegal and their misconduct has hindered our efforts to clean the air and to clean the Chesapeake Bay,” Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said in a statement. Nearly 13,000 of the vehicles were sold in Maryland. Maryland has recorded some of the highest ozone levels in the eastern United States, the statement said.

The three states announced their lawsuit after several months of negotiations over environmental violations broke down. Volkwagen said the allegations are not new and the company is addressing them with federal authorities. –It is regrettable that some states have decided to sue for environmental claims now, nothwithstanding their prior support of this ongoing federal-state collaborative process,” the company said in a statement.

The three states made it clear they intend to send a message with the lawsuit. –Neither Volkswagen, nor any other car manufacturer, should ever again conclude that it can engage in this behavior as part of the cost of doing business,” their statement said.

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