Longtime WANADA Bulletin Writers Hand off the Job

All good things run their course and come to an end, and so it is with the writers of the WANADA Bulletin.

Joan Mooney, who has scribed the WANADA Bulletin since 2012, when she took on the task after leaving her career writer’s position at NADA, worked in conjunction with Gerry Murphy, who contributed articles before and after he stepped down as WANADA’s chief of staff. The WANADA Bulletin, and its forerunner the ATANCA Bulletin (when the organization was Automotive Trade Association National Capital Area), dates back to at least the 1950s.

“It was great continuing on with dealer association communications at WANADA after my years at NADA,” said Ms. Mooney. “WANADA is such a multifaceted and engaged part of the auto industry and Washington area business community, which I was pleased to chronicle year in and year out with the Bulletin.”

The WANADA Bulletin will continue to publish biweekly under the direction of Mike Bushnell, who oversees WANADA’s in-house communications efforts. You can reach him at mb@wanada.org.

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