Last call for tickets to WANADAs changing-of-the-guard dinner

Last call for tickets to WANADAês changing-of-the-guard dinner

The deadline is fast approaching to get tickets for the dinner next Thursday, May 29, celebrating 82 years of the automotive business in Washington. The event will mark the transition of WANADA CEOs from Gerard Murphy, president, to John OêDonnell, president-elect. Murphy steps out after 30 years as CEO with OêDonnell stepping in after having served as assistant CEO for eight years. The 82 year reference above recognizes the timeline of three generations of Murphys operating successively heading WANADA, starting with Richard in 1932, Mike in 1955, and Gerry in 1983.

The dinner will take place at the newly opened Marriott Marquis, next to the Washington Convention Center in downtown DC. The Convention Center, of course, is the site of the Washington Auto Show.

To register for the event or to get information, contact Kristina Henry at (202) 237-7200 or

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