Kudos to VADA in answering The Washington Post on Teslas bid to breach its agreement with Virginia

Kudos to VADA in answering The Washington Post on Teslaês bid to breach its agreement with Virginia

In expressing their opinion on the editorial page the week before last, Washington Post editors took Teslaês side in the electric car makerês quest to set aside its agreement with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles on selling its cars in the Commonwealth, direct to consumers without dealer retailers. Though contrary to Virginian law on retailing new cars, DMV, with VADAês support, made an exception to the law for Tesla in view of its unusual, high dollar, exotic electric sports car product. The Tesla exception amounted to limiting Tesla to one sales outlet in Northern Virginia so it could, in effect, pilot its retail model in the Commonwealth for a fixed period of time. When Tesla wanted to breach this arrangement with DMV — which it expressly agreed to — by expanding its outlets to other areas in the Commonwealth, Post editors took their side, editorializing in the newspaper on April 7 with an article entitled –Tesla versus dealers: let buyers decide.”

Don Hall of VADA, in taking exception to the Post editorial, published a letter to the editor that appeared last week captioned –In Virginia, Tesla is going back on its word.”

WANADA salutes Don for challenging The Washington Post — and through them Tesla itself — in support of the DMV accord with the exotic electric automaker and was pleased to have collaborated with VADA and NADA in framing the letter.

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