Kindred Korner: Would-be tire thief caught by Eyewitness Surveillance

Thanks to a quick-thinking dispatcher and the technology from WANADA Kindred-line member Eyewitness Surveillance, a would-be tire thief was caught red-handed last week at a car dealership in the central United States.

A remote surveillance professional assigned by Eyewitness Surveillance to keep watch on this dealership noticed an individual trespassing on the lot well after closing time. The surveillance professional immediately called the local police dispatch and remained on the line with the officers as they traveled to the scene.

Meanwhile, the tire thief, who had taken tools from an unlocked SUV on the lot, continued removing tires, unaware that his crimes were being monitored and recorded the entire time. When he returned to the lot to steal more tires, he was promptly arrested by the police, who had been directed to his exact location by the remote surveillance professional.

Eyewitness Surveillance is based in Hanover, Md., but provides security services across the country for car dealerships, scrap metal lots and other businesses that have to keep a great deal of valuable inventory outdoors after they close for business each day. Their camera, monitored by remote surveillance professionals, protect more than 300 clients and $15 billion worth of physical inventory from theft or other damage. To learn how Eyewitness Surveillance can solve your dealership’s loss prevention needs, contact Jeff Purtell, senior vice president of sales, at 443-879-9106, or via email at

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