Kindred Korner: Eyewitness Surveillance Using video surveillance to boost dealership efficiency

Kindred Korner: Eyewitness Surveillance Using video surveillance to boost dealership efficiency

Through its work designing and developing high-end video surveillance solutions for auto dealerships, Eyewitness Surveillance, WANADAês Kindred-Line member, has built an integrated platform that can create operational value across departments. The key, according to Eyewitness Surveillance, is leveraging video surveillance technology to streamline a dealershipês daily operations or provide insights the dealer can use to make more informed decisions or further enhance the storeês protection.

One challenge many dealerships face is maximizing the sales window and serving customers outside of traditional business hours. Integrating video surveillance analytics allows a dealership to report on customer traffic patterns and track peaks in activity to drive growth through a more intelligent approach to managing leads. Direct sales tools also enable dealerships to engage directly with customers via text messages and emails to drive leads 24/7.

Video surveillance can also help the dealership with false claims and damage to customer vehicles while on the lot. Innovations with surveillance cameras and the monitoring platform enable the system to deliver real-time details to dealerships. Wide angled cameras can capture comprehensive, searchable video footage, which can be used to protect dealerships from costly payouts resulting from their inability to prove false inventory damage or workerês compensation claims.

The cameras reach every inch of a dealershipês lot and service lanes and provide the platform to search particular time periods to either validate or refute a claim and determine if a payout is required. This simple addition can quickly convert a cost center for many dealers to potential savings up to thousands of dollars per year.

Additionally, the surveillance system can accurately index each vehicle in a dealershipês inventory to be searchable by several criteria, such as VIN, tag or time. Images can be easily accessed from the cloud and on mobile devices. This feature drives increased efficiency in overall operations and an improved customer experience.

The aim of Eyewitness Surveillance is to provide an end-to-end solution so the dealer can do what it does best work with customers to help them achieve their automotive desires while resting assured the storeês security needs are handled by a seasoned industry professional.

Eyewitness Surveillance, based in Hanover, Maryland, is a leader in remote interactive monitoring, providing security and operational solutions for mid-size and large auto dealerships and industrial facilities across the country. For more information, please visit

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