Its official: Traffic is worsening on parts of Beltway

Itês official: Traffic is worsening on parts of Beltway

You may not need an official study to tell you this: The busiest segments along the Maryland portion of the Beltway got even busier, by as much as 27,000 to 30,000 more vehicles a day, in the past seven years. Thatês based on an analysis of Maryland traffic by American Automobile Association Mid-Atlantic. The heaviest increases were at the interchanges near National Harbor and the 270 Spur.

Why pick on Maryland? The lionês share of the Beltway runs through the Free State 41.7 miles, compared with 22.1 miles in Virginia.

But take heart. Overall, the bulk of the extra volume in the bottlenecks was made up for by improved traffic in other spots, in seven out of 10 key corridors. In some cases, there were 23,000 to 25,000 fewer vehicles a day.

Some impressive historical trivia: Congestion and traffic have increased nearly 318 percent on some sections of the Beltway since it was built nearly 60 years ago.

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