In 2015, look for truck price war, more recalls

In 2015, look for truck price war, more recalls

Greg Gardner of the Detroit Free Press offers some auto industry predictions for the new year. Some are no-brainers, others may surprise you.

« Price war in the truck market. The biggest truck manufacturers will see a price war in that hot market, partly to try to topple Fordês F-150 from the top of the heap.

« Merger proposal. With sales so strong, investment bankers will ramp up their effort for acquisitions. Two European automakers could propose a merger or takeover. For instance, Volkswagen could try to acquire Fiat.

« Free bicycle with car purchase. In an effort to reach millennials, some automakers may offer a free bicycle and carrier with the purchase of particular models.

« Upscale market continues strong. Luxury cars, crossovers and high-end pickups will continue to sell well as affluent buyers purchase them because they can.

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