Hyundai Hope on Wheels Donates $200,000 for COVID-19 Testing

As part of a $2.2 million national campaign, Hyundai Hope on Wheels donated $200,000 to Children’s National to support their efforts in setting up drive-thru COVID-19 testing that will ultimately play a major role in helping reduce the proliferation of the virus.

Hope on Wheels, of which WANADA chairman Kevin Reilly is a board member, gives $15 million annually to hospitals and research organizations that are fighting for a cure to pediatric cancers. Given that COVID-19 is an acute danger to immuno-compromised patients, these sizable grants both fit the organization’s overall mission, and serve to help mobilize the kind of broad testing that will help save lives and ultimately end this pandemic.

And fitting that theme, NBC 4 reported that when the site opened on March 22, it was the first facility of its kind to offer testing specifically for pediatric patients who are showing symptoms, but aren’t yet in serious enough condition to warrant being admitted to the hospital. Ultimately, the $2.2 million campaign will support testing initiatives at 11 facilities across the country that primarily service pediatric patients.

Please check out this video featuring Kevin Reilly’s visit to the Children’s National testing facility, which is located in the parking lot of Trinity University in Northeast Washington, off of Michigan Avenue NE.

With hospital resources and testing equipment strained across the country, this sizable grant will allow these 11 medical centers to test a significant number of patients without potentially compromising other pre-existing vital services.

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