How driver-assist technology can allay young drivers fears

How driver-assist technology can allay young driversê fears

Young Americans are more afraid of other motorists driving dangerously (chosen by 88 percent) than of public speaking (75 percent), death (74 percent) or spiders, according to a new survey commissioned by Ford Motor Co.

–Younger drivers are worried about distracted drivers, but they think technology isnêt just the problem. Itês also the solution, as we are seeing growing demand for driver assistance technologies,” said Kevin Shkolnik, vice president, Penn Schoen Berland, the research firm that did the survey of consumers ages 16 to 34.

The most worrisome driving situations mentioned by those surveyed: snowy or icy roads, maneuvering into a tight parking spot, backing out onto a busy street, monitoring blind spots, and not knowing where Iêm going. The research shows 65 percent of respondents are more likely to buy a vehicle if it has technology to help with parallel parking. And 62 percent of those polled want technology to detect objects in blind spots.

The release of the survey results coincided with Fordês announcement that it would migrate driver-assist technologies across its product lineup in the next five years.

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