Green Car Awards Honor Winners in Luxury and Green Tech Categories

Karma Automotive was awarded the magazine’s 2020 Luxury Green Car of the Year award by Cam Benty, senior editor of Green Car Journal. “The Karma Revero GT exemplifies what can be accomplished with stunning design, great technology, and a sophisticated extended range electric drivetrain,” Benty said.

Karma, with manufacturing facilities in Southern California, devoted significant design and engineering efforts in evolving its earlier Karma Revero into the more sophisticated Revero GT. This restyled luxury sport sedan is not only compelling inside and out, but features an all-new series hybrid drivetrain delivering a greater 80 mile battery electric range, and 360 mile range overall with electricity from its BMW-sourced engine-generator.

BMW was awarded the 2020 Green Car Technology of the Year award for its advanced Wireless Charging that offers a new and innovative take on the future of electric vehicle charging. Paired today with BMW’s 530e plug-in hybrid, this unique system uses magnetic induction to wirelessly charge a vehicle’s batteries without the need to plug in, shutting off automatically once charging is complete. The car’s center display guides drivers in positioning their car over the system’s charging GroundPad while parking.

All Green Car Awards™ finalists are honored with Green Car Journal’s 2020 Green Car Product of Excellence™ because of their laudable environmental achievement and contribution toward greater environmental performance in the auto industry. In addition to the Karma Revero GT, finalists for 2020 Luxury Green Car of the Year™ were the BMW 745e, Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring, Porsche Taycan, and Range Rover Evoque. Along with BMW Wireless Charging, finalists for 2020 Green Car Technology of the Year™ included Ford’s Modular Hybrid Transmission, Hyundai Active Shift Control, Hyundai Continuously Variable Valve Duration, and Tesla V3 Supercharging.