Generation Z, born into on-demand, tech-driven culture

Generation Z, born into on-demand, tech-driven culture

Welcome to your next customers, Generation Z. They were born in the 21st Century, after the Millennials, and the oldest are now teenagers. Ford has produced a report, Looking Further with Ford 2015, that focuses on these tech-savvy, socially conscious consumers. Some findings particularly relevant to the auto industry:

« New technologies such as wearable gadgets and smartphone apps are transforming how consumers pay for goods and services, how and where marketers reach their customers and who people trust with their most valuable information.

« Because no one wants an outdated or obsolete product, access has become more important than ownership.

« Privacy has become a balancing act, and there is a trade-off between information consumers are willing to share and the benefits they receive in exchange.

« The definition of mobility is changing as the concepts of transportation and communication converge.

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