Gas prices falling, likely to keep falling, says AAA

Gas prices falling, likely to keep falling, says AAA

Last weeks Bulletin reported on the American Automobile Associations finding that gas prices had been above $3.00 a gallon for 1,000 consecutive days. Now AAA offers good news on prices, though its more short-term: Gas prices have fallen from a year ago and are expected to continue their drop.

The national average price at the pump has fallen for 22 straight days, the longest streak this year. As of September 23, the average price for regular unleaded was $3.47 a gallon. Thats a nickel less than a week earlier, seven cents less than a month earlier and 35 cents less than a year ago.

Drivers in every state and DC are paying less for gasoline than a year ago. And in 10 lucky states, including Virginia, prices are 40 cents or more below what they were a year ago.

Barring a hurricane or other unexpected disruption to gasoline production and distribution, AAA expects that retail prices will continue lower in the coming months, thanks to sufficient supplies, flat demand and cheaper winter-blend gasoline.

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