Ford shows off new Mustang, highlights its role as exporter

Ford shows off new Mustang, highlights its role as exporter

Ford used The Washington Auto Show (WAS) to officially launch the 2015 Mustang to more than 100 global markets. In keeping with the –Made Across America” theme of the show, Ford Group Vice President Ziad Ojakli said the Mustang has a huge impact on the U.S. economy, with parts from 25 states. The car will be shipped from eight ports in five states.

–Many donêt realize that the auto industry is the number one exporting industry in the U.S.,” said Ojakli. While in Washington, Ford will be pushing for rules banning currency manipulation, which Ojakli called the 21st century barrier to free trade.

Ojakli highlighted several of Fordês achievements on the environmental and technology front:

« The EcoBoost engine, which lowers fuel economy through smaller size, turbocharging, fuel injection and variable valve timing.

« The all-aluminum F-150, which weighs substantially less than its predecessor.

« The expansion of SYNC, Fordês in-car communications and connectivity system. More than 10 million SYNC-equipped vehicles are on the road globally.

« Further research of semi-autonomous vehicles, which Ojakli said, Ford would announce in opening a new Silicon Valley research lab to study connectivity, mobility and autonomous vehicles.

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