Ford, Nissan, Honda say CAFE rollback wouldnt change product plans

Ford, Nissan, Honda say CAFE rollback wouldnêt change product plans

With five to six years from planning to release of a new model, Ford already has plans in place for more fuel-efficient vehicles, no matter what the Trump administration does about fuel economy standards. So said Fordês President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs to The Detroit Bureau. Hinrichs made that statement even though Ford CEO Mark Fields, along with other automaker CEOs and NADA, have spoken out strongly against the more stringent standards.

Besides the long lead time, the other reason that Ford will not change plans, Hinrichs said, is that the automaker will build more fuel-efficient models for Europe, China and Japan. Every developed nation besides the U.S. has more stringent fuel economy standards. And Hinrichs expects the U.S. standards will be tightened eventually, though perhaps on a slower timetable.

Nissan and American Honda have also said that they will not change their product plans, for the same reasons.

Elimination of the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles would have much more effect on EV demand, according to a recent analysis by, reported on in last weekês WANADA Bulletin.

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