FCA highlights all-new Chrysler Pacifica

FCA highlights all-new Chrysler Pacifica

At the Fiat Chrysler America press conference at The Washington Auto Show, head of Chrysler brand product marketing, Bruce Velisek, explained how –un-minivan-like” the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is. Yet it has the functionality of a minivan.

The new Pacifica doesnêt look like a minivan, Velisek said; itês –sedan-like.” Itês longer, wider and lower to the ground than its predecessor.

The Pacifica is a good car for two working parents who need to make a lot of after-school trips, said Velisek. Millennials are just entering the minivan segment, which at 500,000 units is 3 percent of the industry.

In fuel economy, the gas version gets 28 mpg highway, the hybrid up to 80 mpg. The Pacifica is the most powerful and most fuel-efficient in its class, according to Velisek. The second and third row of seats can be folded, giving it the best-in-class cargo space.

Safety features include lane departure warning and parallel parking assist. The vehicle has three audio systems. In the second row thereês an animated navigation system that even kids can use.

The new Pacifica, Velisek said, –will bring private ownership back to the minivan segment.”

The hybrid version, which like the gas version has a 3.6 liter engine, can be charged in two hours. It has a 30-mile, all-electric range and a 500-mile range in hybrid mode.

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