Exotic Car & Luxury Lifestyle Event draws DCs elites to WAS

Exotic Car & Luxury Lifestyle Event draws DCês elites to WAS

Robert Hisaoka of RRR Automotive conceived and executed, the first time ever Exotic Car & Luxury Lifestyle Event at The Washington Auto Show with his penchant and success for putting on high society Washington events, along with his extensive connections with –everybody whoês anybody.” Mr. Hisaokaês passion for cars, especially the exotic ones, was no small factor either in what turned out to be a well-attended, grand event!

Among other things Mr. Hisaoka annually puts on a sellout charity evening in Washington in memory of his late sister, Joan Hisaoka.

The exotic vehicles in the Luxury Lifestyle Event were moved to their own pavilion on the floor of the Auto Show where they were displayed for the general public during the ten day run of the show, January 23 through February 1, 2015.

Because of the eminent success of this yearês Exotic Car and Luxury Lifestyle Evening the Auto Show Committee is committed to going forward with the same style reception next year, which Mr. Hisaoka believes can be enhanced and expanded. This yearês Exotic Car and Luxury Lifestyle Event was generously sponsored by AB Bernstein, Metropolitan Jets, Shapiro, Lifschitz & Schram and TTR Sothebys.

Capping off Industry/ Media Days at the Auto Show was an exclusive cocktail reception, Thursday evening, Jan. 22, for DCês elite that featured an array of exotic brand automobiles, cuisine by gourmet chefs, a high line jewelry display and a thoroughly unique South African guitarist. The exotic new cars, the centerpiece of the event, would all retail for several hundred thousand dollars.

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