EPA Updates 2021 Fuel Economy Standards Guide

The Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy are updating their 2021 fuel economy standards for specific vehicles on a rolling basis. You can view the full list of vehicles at this link, which includes the full list of vehicles as far back as 1994.

The PDF version of the fuel economy guide can be viewed here. As the EPA announced last November, the agency will not be printing and mailing guides to dealers in 2021; dealers can comply with the requirement to make the guide available and prominent to customers by either printing copies of the PDF publication, or by “providing access to the electronic version/website on a computer in the display area” of the dealership. The EPA also has optional fuel economy guide posters available for printing and display in the dealership; those can be viewed at the bottom of the page linked here.

With more and more sales being conducted online, dealers also have the option to put EPA fuel economy information widgets on the dealership’s website. More information on the EPA’s online tools is available here.

In a similar vein, we have received inquiries about state or federal regulations regarding charges that are labeled as environmental fees on service repair orders. To our current knowledge, there is no federal law regulating what can be defined as an environmental fee on a service order invoice, but we always encourage all dealers to have detailed explanations for any and all fees that they charge in connection with service repairs.

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