Early adopters, mostly men, want connected cars

Women buyers focus on car features, men on brands

Connected cars are a great way to personalize content, and early adopters are ready so dealers had better be, too. Of the 44 percent of future auto intenders to plan to buy a car in the next two years, 39 percent are very likely to buy a connected car with built-in features, according to a new study by Nielsen.com.

Their top reasons for wanting a connected car: Experience emerging technologies; provide entertainment to passengers; and boost their productivity while theyêre on the road.

Most of the connected car buyers or intenders are men, age 55 or older, with at least a college degree. More than one-third make more than $100,000 a year. Of connected car users, more than a third, say they regularly spend 30 minutes to an hour in their cars.

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