Driver assistance systems a critical safety tool, says MEMA

Driver assistance systems a critical safety tool, says MEMA

Nearly 10,000 deaths could be prevented, 28 percent of crashes avoided and more than $250 billion saved every year with greater use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Thatês the conclusion of a recently released study done by the Boston Consulting Group for MEMA, the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association. MEMA President and CEO Steve Handschuh reported the studyês results during Public Policy Day #2 at The Washington Auto Show.

Thanks partly to MEMAês urging, Congress and NHTSA recently mandated updates to the New Car Assessment Program 5-Star Safety Ratings system that show the importance of ADAS. The updates were included in the recently passed FAST Act of 2015. They include providing information about crash avoidance technologies on the window stickers of new cars.

Handschuh also said that as cars stay on the road longer, an effective independent aftermarket is needed to service them.

–MEMA wants to ensure that motorists retain freedom of choice for maintenance and repair,” he said. –Independent aftermarket parts manufacturers are working closely with vehicle manufacturers to find safe solutions to accessing vehicle diagnostics while addressing cybersecurity and data privacy issues.”

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