DOT to host public meetings on autonomous vehicles

DOT to host public meetings on autonomous vehicles

NHTSA will hold a public meeting April 8, 2016 in Washington, DC, to gather comments as it develops guidelines for the safe deployment of automated safety technology. That meeting and another one in California are designed to gather information on issues around safe operation of autonomous vehicles, as part of NHTSAês efforts to provide manufacturers with operational guidance.

The guidelines for manufacturers are one of five NHTSA autonomous vehicle initiatives that Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced at this yearês Detroit Auto Show. The others are:

« President Obamaês budget proposal for a 10-year, $3.9 billion investment in advancing autonomous vehicle technology, including large deployment pilots in communities around the country.

« Working with states to develop model state policy.

« Using NHTSAês authority to interpret current regulations, and offer limited exemptions from them, in pursuit of advances that could increase safety.

« Determining what new regulatory tools and authorities might be required to meet NHTSAês safety mission in an era of rapidly changing technology.

The April 8 meeting will be at DOT headquarters in Washington. The California meeting has not yet been scheduled.

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