Dont overlook the 85 year olds!

Donêt overlook the 85 year olds!

Perhaps itês because people are healthier and living longer, or because the most senior of senior citizens are more comfortable driving intelligent cars with enhanced safety features, but more people in their middle 80s continue to drive and are buying autos.

–Drivers over 85 are among the fastest growing demographic on the road,” according to Doug Hecox of the Federal Highway Administration (FHA).

This is good news for the economy because more older people are buying cars, according to FHA. Additionally, it shouldnêt be a problem for traffic safety, said Hecox –because the more things we do to make roads safe for older drivers, the safer they will become for everyone else.”

With the number of 85 and older drivers having doubled over the past 15 years, according to FHA, this is clearly food for thought at the next dealership sales staff meeting.

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