Does the dealership have a policy on recalls? VADA & WANDA team up on a dealer seminar, Dec. 3

Does the dealership have a policy on recalls? VADA & WANDA team up on a dealer seminar, Dec. 3

With all the flurry among automakers over the unprecedented number of vehicle recalls, dealer retailers can find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Questions from dealers abound:

« Is the dealer passing along the correct information from the manufacturer in a timely fashion?

« What are NHTSAês requirements, if any, for recall administration by the manufacturer, and what are the dealerês responsibilities?

« When new vehicles are –grounded” in a dealerês inventory for open recalls, what are the automakerês responsibilities to compensate their dealer franchisees under federal law?

« What does a dealer do with used vehicles under open recall in the dealerês inventory?

« What disclosures must a dealer make to a consumer purchasing a car subject to an open recall?

« Are there different levels of recall requiring different levels of response from automakers and dealers? (i.e. safety related recalls, versus minor mechanical adjustments, etc)

Mutual members of WANADA and VADA can get answers to pressing questions like these in a joint association dealer executive seminar being presented on Thursday morning, Dec. 3 at the Marriott/Tysons Corner 10 a.m. Noon. VADA and WANADA CEOs Don Hall and John OêDonnell will lead a round table discussion with reputed dealer lawyer Mike Charapp, Esq. covering the gamut of recall issues with which dealers find themselves confronted in a vehicle marketplace of unprecedented levels of recalls. Dealer principals and their management teams in vehicle sale and fixed operations will benefit from the timely information and invaluable conversation this special seminar is sure to generate!

Updates will also be provided on the timely topics of CFPB overreach on auto loans and FTC scrutiny of auto ads.

To register for this FREE seminar, please click here or contact Kathy Teich at the WANADA office (202-237-7200 or

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