Detroit sets pace for 2017 with world class auto show

Detroit sets pace for 2017 with world class auto show

To be expected, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) drew scores of operatives from automotive and journalist sectors from across the globe at the staging of NAIAS Industry/Media Days this week in Detroit. Washington Auto Show representatives from WANADA, who were delighted to be among the notables from everywhere, were impressed with the omnipresent, wide array of high technology on display, not just from automotive, but from the electronics realm as well, which has been the ever growing components part of new cars and trucks in recent years.

Living up to its longstanding reputation as the pace setter auto show on the world wide industry circuit, automakers from the U.S. and abroad revealed their latest and greatest, never-before-seen models and vehicle concepts to the international media attending NAIAS pre-show days, Monday and Tuesday of this week in Detroit.

Among other OEMs, Nissan played a prominent role in NAIAS Industry/Media Days with its chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, keynoting the NAIAS signature AutoMobili-D Exposition. Fresh from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ghosn spotlighted the integral connection between state-of-the-art electronics and its relative gadgetry to automotive design. Separately, Nissan presented two reveals at the NAIAS, the first being a new version of its popular Rogue model, the Rogue Sport. Additionally, Nissan revealed a sporty sedan concept, the Vmotion 2.0., with its innovative, combined front and backseat entry, that also boasted NissanĂªs Intelligent Mobility Technology to hook the driver into the controlled highway system of the future.

Major auto shows on the global industry circuit, like Detroit and Washington, visit each others expositions to stay up with the leading trends and best practices that each embraces, updates and expands upon each year. These visits historically have also included the major European Shows in Frankfurt, Geneva and Paris.

Hot on heels of the NAIAS, the Washington Auto Show launches the last week of this month with its Industry/Media Days commencing Jan. 24 and running through Jan. 25 and 26. Public days for Washington are Friday, Jan. 27 running through Sunday Feb. 5, 2017.

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