Dealers are the future of auto industry, says Jim Press

There have been some naysayers lately about the future of dealers in the auto industry, including former General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz, who has referred to dealers as “an endangered species.” So it’s refreshing to see a recent opinion piece in Automotive News by Jim Press, former president of Toyota Motor Sales/USA and a dealer now himself, at RML Automotive in Dallas, TX.


Press has complete confidence in dealers’ ability to handle the coming transition in the industry. “Meeting change head-on and taking advantage of it by adapting is nothing new to dealers,” he writes. “I have seen second-and third-generation dealers improve and build upon the businesses they inherited by implementing progressive, technically advanced and customer-focused business practices….I have worked side by side with auto dealers for the past 50 years and can promise you that they will find a way to capitalize during this period….”


“At the core, customers are driving this change,” Lutz writes. “Technology is responding to the market. And who is best positioned to read the market and react first? Yes, it’s car dealers.”


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