Deadline to sign up for WANADA flu shot program is Aug. 31

Deadline to sign up for WANADA flu shot program is Aug. 31

The deadline for member employers to sign up for WANADAês seasonal flu shot program is August 31. With the flu annually infecting more than 40 million people, resulting in workplace disruptions averaging four to five workdays per employee, the program is a popular WANADA employee benefit. Dealers are encouraged to register early to receive their preferred date.

The service will again be available onsite at WANADA dealerships and administered by Norvar Health Services, available for adults age 18 and older. This year Norvar will offer a new needle-free technology that introduces the flu vaccine into the muscle through a device that relies on spring power rather than a needle, eliminating needle anxiety.

The fee is $24 per shot for the trivalent vaccine (protects against three different flu viruses) and $31 for the quadrivalent vaccine (protects against four strains), with a minimum of 20 participants required at each location. Locations with fewer than 20 participants will be billed as if 20 doses of the trivalent vaccine were administered. The needle-free vaccines cost another $2 each. Adults 65 and older have a choice of getting the high-dose trivalent flu shot, recommended for older adults and costing $48.

Dealers may register online at, under –Scheduling,” or call 202-744-1360. Norvar will begin conducting onsite visits starting October 1. Any questions may be directed to Connie Ryan in the WANADA Insurance Department at 202-237-7200.

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