Crowe-Horwath hosts seminar for dealer attorneys

Kindred-line member Crowe-Horwath, LLP hosted a seminar on May 15 for lawyers who represent WANADA dealers at Maggiano’s Restaurant in Tysons Corner, Va. Speakers covered a wide array of important topics including the following:

  • Sale-leaseback provisions of dealership land, and the potential benefits for increasing cash flow to expand operations;
  • Tax reform and regulatory updates on the federal and state levels, and
  • Best practices for handling sexual harassment claims made against dealership employees, both for legal liability and public relations.


Michael Charapp, principal at the law firm Charapp & Weiss, LLP, who participated in the seminar, said the Federal Trade Commission has increased scrutiny on dealerships’ digital ads. He said it was imperative that dealerships retain records for all claims they make in promotional materials displayed online. Charapp also covered the positive change in leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the Trump administration. It was also noted that dealerships are at high risk of being victims of cybercrimes, such as phishing and malware attacks.


Other speakers covered the ways that last year’s tax bill will affect not just federal income tax rates, but potentially state tax rates as well.

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