Connected vehicles to be tested in Virginia

Connected vehicles to be tested in Virginia

A consortium of three local universities will test connected vehicles in Virginia over the next two years, starting in Northern Virginia. The next step to autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles are expected to cut traffic accidents in half, according to a report in the blog Greater Greater Washington.

The University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Morgan State University will conduct 19 studies in everyday traffic. Researchers have attached tracking equipment to light poles and other infrastructure in the Merrifield area. The equipment will communicate with 12 test vehicles outfitted with a credit card-sized device.

The devices – which cost about $35 each – will collect information such as accelerating, braking and curve handling. The aim is to improve traffic safety and overall mobility.

If we can detect initial braking, we can slow vehicles down and message the driver, saying something like, slow traffic ahead. Reduce speed to 45 mph, said Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Cathy McGhee.

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