Co-located conferences at the 2015 WAS

Co-located conferences at the 2015 WAS

SAE Intêl joined by U.S. Govêt Services Administration fleet procurement officers

For the second year running at The Washington Auto Show, the automotive engineers affiliated with SAE International were joined by vehicle fleet procurement officers from the Government Services Administration to conduct senior staff training and education about their craft.

In the case of SAE, the society co-located its Annual Government/Industry Conference at the WAS which they have done here for a number of years, where about 1,000 professionals attended. GSAês Fleet Managers and Administrators Conference also turned out about 1,000 participants. SAE ran over WAS Industry/Media Days, Jan. 21-23, 2015, while GSAês FMAC ran over WAS Public Days, Jan. 27-29.

The turnout at this yearês GSA Fleet Managers and Administrators Conference represented a substantial expansion in breadth and attendance over their conference at the WAS last year insofar as it drew FMAs from across the U.S. and the world, yielding more than a threefold increase in attendance. Each day the FMAs were meeting at the WAS they were afforded special time to allow procurement officers to tour Auto Show exhibits which were closed by design to the general public. WANADA notified all OEM exhibitors well in advance of the Auto Show that GSA fleet procurement officers would be on site at the WAS for a few days offering additional space for OEM fleet vehicle displays and the opportunity to gear up for interacting with the fleet professionals. A number of OEMs took advantage of this, some with fleet displays, others with fleet sales personnel at the WAS to talk to the GSA FMAs.

As always, SAE had an impressive lineup of symposium and keynote speakers, including Sec. of Transportation Anthony Foxx and the new NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind. Also presenting over the three day SAE Govêt/Industry Conference was Anne Ferro, president & CEO of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and John Bozzella, president & CEO of Global Automakers.

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