Cadillac decides dealers are better at selling cars than they are

When Cadillac ended its Book by Cadillac car subscription program after less than two years, many dealers nodded knowingly. It was yet one more demonstration that dealers are the ones best positioned to sell and lease vehicles.


Consumers who subscribed to Book by Cadillac paid $1,800 a month for the ability to change to a different model whenever they wanted. In its marketing, Cadillac emphasized the convenience of being able to switch models. But it was hard for Cadillac to manage the logistics at a national level, analysts told the Wall Street Journal. For consumers, the price was high – much more than it would cost to lease a high-end Cadillac. And Cadillac didn’t get as many subscribers as it had hoped.


So when Cadillac starts Book 2.0 in the next several months, dealers will be much more involved, company executives told Automotive News. Stay tuned to find out just how.

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