Buyers want to see their finance options online beforehand

Buyers want to see their finance options online beforehand

Most car buyers would like to see their financing and rate options online ahead of time, according to a new survey by But more men (45 percent) than women (27 percent) would like to have lenders bidding for their finance business beforehand.

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed would prefer to pick up their car at the dealership. Despite all the talk of drones, just 6 percent of car shoppers said they would like their car delivered by one.

If they are leasing, about half prefer to select their lease package from a menu with various options such as mileage and upfront money. Just over half of men would like to get out of any lease with 90 daysê notice, and just over half of women would like to lease month-to-month with no extended terms.

Shoppers said that rear backup cameras and in-car WiFi are the tech features that will most influence their shopping decision in the future. Just over half of men said lane departure warning systems would be an influential technology, but less than one-third of women did.

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