Bill Ford extols future of driverless cars, smart highways

Bill Ford extols future of driverless cars, smart highways

In a speech in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ford Motor Co. executive chairman Bill Ford said the auto industry urgently needs to address the problem of too many cars bringing global gridlock. Massive traffic jams will be a growing problem, but –the bigger issue is how global gridlock will stifle economic growth,” Ford said.

Fordês solution to the problem of too many cars: Smart cars, smart parking, smart public transportation systems, and an effort to connect everyone using wireless telecommunications.

–To keep traffic moving, we need an integrated transportation network that uses real time data to optimize personal mobility on a massive scale,” Ford said. –The potential benefits from vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity are tremendous as the automobile becomes better integrated into the broader transportation system.”

The definition of car ownership will also change as more on-demand transportation networks are built in congested urban environments, said Ford. And autonomous driving will be important in helping to reduce traffic delays and improve road safety.

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