Average age of regions vehicle fleet goes up

Average age of regionês vehicle fleet goes up

The average age of the regionês vehicle fleet increased in the past three years, according to an analysis by the Metropolitan Washington Transportation Planning Board (TPB). The average age of a vehicle was 9.5 years in 2014, about 0.4 years older than in 2011. Thatês still younger than the average age nationwide, which is 11.4 years.

The change means that vehicle owners on average are waiting longer to replace older cars and trucks with newer ones. Hereês a way for dealers to make that a marketing tool for the sales force: The TPB notes that new federal fuel efficiency and other vehicle emission standards may now take longer to improve the regionês air quality. Such measures, the Board notes, work only when consumers buy vehicles that meet the new standards and drive those vehicles instead of older, less efficient models.

Though 0.4 years older may not sound like much, the aging is part of a longer term trend. Since 2005, the average age of the regionês vehicle fleet increased by 1.65 years, the TPB says.

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