Auto Sales Deemed “Essential” in New Federal Guidance

Late last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security added auto sales to its list of services that comprise the country’s “critical infrastructure workforce.” This decision does not impact any of the state and local safety regulations that WANADA dealers must follow at this time – including Executive Order 53 in Virginia, and the various state and local ordinances in Maryland.

That being said, WANADA appreciates that the federal government has joined Maryland in recognizing that auto sales are an essential component of America’s transportation infrastructure. Auto sales in Virginia are able to continue under Executive Order 53’s requirement that businesses limit their occupancy to no more than 10 patrons at a time. There are no new auto dealerships in the District of Columbia.

WANADA appreciates the hard work that the National Automobile Dealers Association and other industry advocates put into securing this guidance change. While the authority on business openings (or closures) ultimately falls to state governments, it has already been a boost for dealers in states like Pennsylvania, where Gov. Tom Wolf and state legislators just reached an agreement to allow car sales online, following several weeks where dealerships’ sales operations were shuttered entirely.

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