Auto industry poorly prepared against hackers, experts say

Auto industry poorly prepared against hackers, experts say

As cars have more electronics, from keyless entry to GPS, the auto industry is poorly prepared against hackers, security and technology experts said at a meeting organized by the Center for Automotive Research in Livonia, Mich.

Auto companies are several years behind other industries in creating security standards, an IBM executive told the panel, according to the Wall Street Journal. Fortunately, other industries such as aerospace have developed standards that could be adapted, reported.

A Delphi technology expert said when the company asked some hackers to perform a test, a 14-year-old boy was able to access a car using $14 worth of equipment he bought at Radio Shack.

Hackers could access cars through connectivity, Wi Fi, UBS ports or radio signals, panelists said. Every electronic addition, such as keyless entry, creates another possible way to break into a vehicleês system.

–The industry is in the early stages of establishing a voluntary automobile industry sector information sharing and analysis center or other comparable program for collecting and sharing information about existing or potential cyber-related threats,” said Wade Newton of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, according to the WSJ.

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