Are DC drivers ruder than those from New York? Yes!

Are DC drivers ruder than those from New York? Yes!

Hereês a contest no one wants to win, but DC came close: The city came in second in a nationwide survey asking which drivers across the U.S. were the rudest. It may be a surprise to learn that Idaho is first. New Yorkers, of course, rank near the top, but after DC, in third place. surveyed 2,000 drivers. –We wanted to know not only where the rude drivers come from, but also who thinks theyêre rude,” said editorial director Amy Danise.

The company analyzed the results to determine who dislikes whom the most. California drivers are the biggest haters: They are the No. 1 haters of drivers from surrounding states and even from states across the country. Californians, for example, hate New York drivers more than New Jersey drivers do.

Virginia ranked 28th on the rudeness scale; its drivers are most hated by those from neighboring North Carolina. Maryland was way down at No. 32, most hated by Pennsylvania drivers.

Driving behavior that makes other drivers the angriest, in descending order: talking on a cellphone while driving, tailgating, not signaling turns, weaving in and out of lanes, and driving too fast, as if every road were a highway.

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