Any color, as long as its white, black, gray or silver

Any color, as long as itês white, black, gray or silver

Although nearly 60 percent of consumers have identified color as a major factor in their vehicle-buying decisions, automakers continue to sell nearly 75 percent of cars in conservative colors such as white, black, gray and silver, says PPG Industries, Inc.

–Our research indicates that global car manufacturers have good reason to give their brands and models a unique appearance using color and effects,” said Jane Harrington, PPG manager for color styling, automotive OEM coatings.

Maybe the reason that the usual suspects are the most popular colors is that those are what buyers can find at the dealership. In North America, the most popular are, in order, white, black, gray, silver, red and blue.

PPG has introduced more than 64 shades to manufacturers to consider for their 2018-2019 models. The four palettes are Hyper HD, IM Perfect, Knightês Watch and Lucid Dreams. Look for white, black, gray and silver.

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