An increasing number of Americans doubt ObamaCare will help

An increasing number of Americans doubt ObamaCare will help

Just 35% of people surveyed in a recent National Journal (NJ) poll believe the Affordable Care Act, President Obamas signature law, will benefit them and their families, while nearly one in two (49%) believe it will make things worse for the middle class.

This is a turn around, NJ reported, from its last survey in September, 2012, in the heat of the presidential election campaign, when 50% thought ObamaCare would make things better for the country overall. Those currently favorable on the country over all question have slipped to 41%, while those who believe the country will be worse off now represent 48% of those surveyed.

Correspondingly, the survey showed that the majority of those polled believe health care reform will help the poor and uninsured. Only about a third of Americans are calling for repeal of the law.

Commenting on the general findings of the latest poll, NJ concluded that it reflects marked deterioration in public expectations of the plan, which they attribute to the uncertainty from the president on down through the various agencies of government charged with implementing it. This has become evident with the litany of missed deadlines on scheduled roll outs.

Another significant aspect of NJs polling perspective of white respondents versus non-whites such that 56% to 27% of non-whites believe the law will benefit middle class families mirrored by 58% to 27% of whites who now believe the law will harm the middle class.

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