All DC licenses must be replaced starting May 1

All DC licenses must be replaced starting May 1

All DC driversê licenses must be replaced starting May 1 to comply with federal requirements put in place after 9/11. The city must revalidate every driverês proof of identity, as part of a national effort to improve the reliability and accuracy of driverês licenses and ID cards. The initiative aims to deter terrorists from evading detection by using fraudulent ID. The new licenses and ID cards are called Real ID.

The documents for verifying proof of identity, social security number and address have changed. Both first time DC applicants and existing DC driverês license holders will have to provide original documents as proof of identity to include social security number, and lawful presence in the U.S. and current residence in DC. These documents may include an original birth certificate or passport for proof of identity, and a W2 or pay statement for proof of social security number.

Residents will be notified by mail when they need to bring documents to DC DMV to renew their license. Those who have been notified will not be charged a fee.

The new driverês license will have a star in the upper right hand corner. Existing driverês licenses will be valid until they expire. For more information, click here.

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