A Note on WANADA’s Updated Phone System

Please note that WANADA’s general phone system has been updated. While WANADA’s main number of 202-237-7200 remains the same, callers to that general line will now automatically be answered by an auto attendant. The system will allow you to your party’s extension directly, insurance department, accounting department or dial “0” for the operator at any time. In addition, WANADA staff members now each have individual phone numbers so that people can contact them directly without having to go through the operator process.

While we at WANADA hope you will find the system to be efficient, please feel free to reach out with any feedback you may have about the changes. Should you have any problems reaching WANADA staffers, you may contact Kathy Teich at kt@wanada.org, or by dialing her direct line at 202-800-4190.

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